Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"The Wonder of Your Love"

"The Wonder of Your Love"


Beth Wiseman

Beth Wiseman does it again. If you want to read good Amish fiction, you must read this book.

Poor Katie Ann went through a lot with her ex husband Ivan. Ivan hooked up with an English woman and left Katie Ann. Ivan died before he knew that Katie Ann was pregnant with their son.

A mysterious letter shows up from the mystery (other) woman. She wants to visit. What would she want from Katie Ann? Will Katie Ann resent her or listen to what she has to say. How could Katie Ann even try to be nice to her?

Katie Ann's English friend Martha loves her and baby Jonas. Martha is pretty quirky in her ways but Katie Ann loves her. Martha has a health problem and then gets an unexpected house guest.

Eli Detweiler shows up for a family wedding. A widower, having raised his many kids on his own, he now wants to travel and do his own thing.

Katie Ann and Eli start off on the wrong foot. Eli sure has a way with little Jonas though. He teaches her a thing or two about tending to the little guy.

Will Eli and Katie Ann develop an interest in one another? No, why would Eli want to start all over now that he is free to do what he wants and when he wants? How could Eli even think of leaving behind his kids and their families?

I encourage you to read this book to find out the above answers!

Happy reading to you! : )

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