Thursday, December 16, 2010

"The Secrets Beneath"

Since I read "A Summer Secret" by Kathleen Fuller, I decided I should read book 2 in the Mysteries of Middlefield, "The Secrets Beneath."

Kathleen Fuller does a great job writing about Amish teens in this series.

Rebekah Yoder is a very curious teen who has quite a time with Caleb Mullet. Caleb tends to pick on her. Bekah's sister and friend tell her that Caleb likes her. Bekah doesn't know what to think about that.

Mysterious things start taking place next door. The vacant house has been bought. An old man and a very shady character show up at various different times at the house. It is all Bekah can do to refrain from looking out the window and spying on them.

School has been postponed for at least two weeks due to an accident. Meanwhile, her cousin Amanda shows up for a visit. Amanda's dad leaves Amanda with Bekah's family for quite awhile. Why would her uncle up and leave Amanda?

Cousin Amanda is sad her dad left her behind. She tried to run away but ended up being found and brought back. Amanda has a mother but why isn't she involved in what is best for Amanda? Amanda doesn't interact with Bekah's family and keeps to herself. She doesn't eat. She sleeps a lot.

At the house next door, the old man digs in his yard for some reason. This has Bekah puzzled. Cousin Amanda catches her spying. Bekah tells her what is going on over there.

Bekah and Amanda find themselves in a very scary situation. Will they escape unharmed? Will Amanda get along with Bekah's family? Will Caleb and Amanda make amends?

Read this book to find out.