Monday, February 22, 2010

"Beautiful Things Happen When A Woman Trusts God"

I had the pleasure of attending Women of Faith in 2006. I was really impressed with Sheila Walsh's story. When I came across this book, I knew I had to read it.
Trust is the greatest gift that we can give our Father. A gift of immeasurable beauty. Sometimes we have to wait a lifetime to see the fulfillment of a dream, and the gift is who we became in the process of waiting.
Walsh tells of her first speaking engagement. She was very nervous of course. She ended up telling her story. The ladies loved it. She saw that opportunity as a moment of grace. She was grateful to have been used by God in such an unexpected way that day.
Sheila received a letter from someone who had heard one of her talks. In this letter, it was predicted that a new uniform was being made for her. Her period of boot camp was over and it was time for a promotion.
Jesus hasn't come to get you through the pain of life, he has come to live in you through it.
In this book, Sheila tells of Bible characters and their trust toward God, from Anna the prophetess, Paul, Tabitha, Gideon, Samson, and Abraham.
Trust him with all we are and all we have. When we try to figure out things on our own, we will fail; when we trust him and follow him no matter how things seem to us or those around us, there is amazing victory.
When we find ourselves in hard times, peace will only be found in our Father's arms. All we are asked to do is to trust God and keep followiing him, no matter how dark the path gets. Every trial is designed to show you something about yourself that you did not know.
God is the one friend you can always, completely, 100 percent trust. You can trust God with everything you have and are, because he never has and never will fail you.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Welcome Blog Hoppers

Welcome to my blog. WHAT about this hop? WHAT fun this is! Isn't it great to recycle? WHAT a shame if you don't! WHAT about winning a prize? WHAT you have to do is post a comment on my blog. Be sure to leave your email address. WHAT about following my blog? WHAT about joining our "Create It Green" Yahoo group and blog? WHAT fun you will have!

This ATC was made with a red envelope liner. You know the red, gold or silver on the top inside of envelopes? Mostly we get these at Christmas time. Used postage stamps and a bow off of a bag of Christmas candy. Fun! I love collecting used postage stamps for my art!

This ATC was made with scraps of paper that one would usually throw away. Gold foil envelope liner, a Watkins product label (yes I sell Watkins) and a cut out from a vintage calendar. WHAT fun this was to make!!

This ATC was made with a texture type of wallpaper. Scraps of paper from a book, a vintage calendar image and a button. WHAT a beautiful lady she is!

This last ATC was made with the red envelope liner. The hearts were punched out from an old greeting card. The hearts in the middle was a pop up from a greeting card. WHAT a heart filled card!

WHAT to do now? WHAT about hopping over to Joan's blog? See WHAT creative items she is sharing!

My keyword is WHAT in case you didn't figure it out! : )

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you had fun!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Join Our Blog Hop

Join us tomorrow February 6 for a fun blog hop. Start here at noon EST. This will be the start of your recycled craft journey! Prizes and fun will be had.