Monday, May 23, 2011

Being a big fan of Amish books, I have never read a book by Ruth Reid before.

This takes place in Michigan. Judith's family is having a barn raising. She likes to entertain the young ones with stories she made up. Judith's brother, Samuel, is given a nail and is told help would be given to him for pounding it in place. At lunch time, Samuel is missing. Judith spies him up on the barn roof pounding a board. Judith runs toward the barn and calls out to Samuel. Samuel jerked with arms flailing. He then disappeared. He is found alive. An English man told Judith to have faith and that his steps are ordered by God. He then disappeared.

In the hospital, it is found that Samuel can't walk. Being that Judith's parents are at the hospital sitting with Samuel, Levi and Andrew help with the daily chores. Judith has her eye on Levi and hopes that they one day get married. Martha, Judith's sister, seems jealous of Judith because she is of courting age. Martha isn't yet. Martha gets rather friendly with Levi. Andrew, the bishops son, is not yet married. His true love died years ago.

Judith likes to take walks down by the river. The big English man appears to Judith on several occasions. He tells Judith that he brother will walk again. Judith is very excited to hear that and tells her family and friends that a stranger tells her that Samuel will walk. Could he be an angel sent from God? Of course, no one believes Judith's story! No one except, Andrew. Andrew befriends Judith. Andrew helps Judith make Levi jealous by kissing Judith in Levis sight.

The bishop does not like his son hanging around with Judith who tells stories. His son should be married by now and have a chance at one day being bishop. If he remains, single, that won't happen. The bishop talks to Judith's parents and decides to send her off to relatives in Ohio.

Will Judith get shunned for her tales? Will she ever marry? Will her brother ever walk again? Will Martha ever stop being jealous of her sister?

You will have to read the book to find out these answers and more.