Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"A Summer Secret"

"A Summer Secret"
By Kathleen Fuller
Book one in the Mysteries of Middlefield series by Kathleen Fuller. Having never read books by Kathleen Fuller before, I am happy to get to know her writing. I had no idea the book was written toward the teenage age but was fine with reading it anyway.
Amish girl Mary Beth Mullet loves to escape and get free time for herself. Living with a twin 13 year old brother and a younger one, she finds peace and quiet in an old abandoned barn. She draws and keeps a journal. Snacks, juice boxes and a blanket make it feel comfy.
Mary Beth notices some strange things in the barn. A found button, that is not like what the Amish wear, begins the mystery. She also notices some of her snacks have disappeared. Twin brother Johnny gets in on the mystery.
Meanwhile, teenage Sawyer is on the run. His parents were killed in a car accident. With no other family around, he is placed in foster care. Some parents a foster family can be though! He escapes and is on the run.
The mystery is solved and Sawyer gets to know Mary Beth and Johnny. The secret the twins hid from their parents could get them into trouble. They go sneaking around and tread on thin ice (so to speak) with their parents.
One night the barn is on fire. The secret comes out after that.
Will Mary Beth and Johnny get into trouble? Will Sawyer get caught or forever be on the run? Will the twins ever see Sawyer again?
I encourage you to read the book to find out.