Thursday, April 22, 2010

Plain Paradise

Plain Paradise
by Beth Wiseman
I was so happy to review this book. I love reading about the Amish!
This is book 1 in the Daughters of the Promise series.
Linda Huyard had the perfect Amish life. Wonderful parents and two younger brothers.
Josephine Dronberger mysteriously comes to town. Josie was a scared teenager when her parents made her give up her baby girl. The baby was left with an Old Order Amish couple in Lancaster County. She desperately wants to get in touch with her daughter and get to know her.
Linda is courting Stephen. Stephen pens poems on paper and puts them in a slot on the bridge for Linda. Linda hopes that one day Stephen will ask her to marry him.
One day Josie shows up at the Huyard home. Linda's mom, Mary Ellen, tells her to leave at once. Linda can't understand why her mom would be so upset and turn that stranger away.
Abe and Mary Ellen have a secret that they have been hiding. They wondered why they had kept it for so long. The truth must come out and it will certainly hurt!
Linda has a good relationship with an older friend named Jonas. Jonas is a wise man who is very sick. Linda often pays him visits and is sad that her dear friend is so sick.
Josie gets to know Linda and her family. Linda goes to Josie's house. Mary Ellen is worried that Linda will get caught up in the English world. Stephen and his bishop grandfather also worry about Linda.
Josie is very sick and often has seizures. Her husband Robert was stuck in China. Josie ended up staying with Linda's family. While there, she learns about God and the power of prayer. She wishes her husband would believe there is a God.
Will Josie find her long lost daughter? Will she get better? Will Stephen propose to Linda? Will Robert find the Lord?
Read this book to find all the answers and more.