Monday, January 14, 2013

"A Marriage of the Heart"
Kelly Long
I was excited to request to review this book through Booksneeze.  It turned out that I had already read two of the three books though.  Oh well, how does one keep track of what they have read?

A Perfect Secret

Rose is to be married to Luke Lantz.  She starts to have doubts on if he really cares for her or not.  She meets a stranger in the woods at night and is intrigued by this man of mystery.  Her Luke is acting funny and isn't exactly being truthful with Rose.  Will this man of mystery capture Rose's heart?  Will this secret that Luke is keeping distroy their upcoming marriage plans?

Christmas Cradles

This was the book that I had not yet read.  Single Anna Stolis, 26, helps her aunt who is a midwife.  Asa Lapp is involved in taking Anna to multiple homes where women are about to give birth. With the flu running full force, will the moms, to be, remain healthy and give birth to healthy babies?   With a winter storm brewing will Anna and Asa make it to the homes on time?  Will their relationship grow during all of this. 

A Marriage of the Heart

Abigail Kauffman has grown up without a mom and was raised by her father.  Joseph Lambert shows up in their community and a misunderstanding happens.  Abigail and Joseph end up being married.  How can Abigail be a good wife when she doesn't even know how to cook well at all?  Can she be a perfect housewife and learn to love Joseph?  Will her relationship with her father strengthen after she finds out the truth about her mother? 

Read to find out the above answers.  Overall a good Amish book!

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