Monday, July 11, 2011

Treasuring Emma

Treasuring Emma: A Middlefield Family Novel

By Kathleen Fuller

Yet another book I am reviewing for Booksneeze. If it is Amish, I read it! This one especially caught my eye when I read it was set in Middlefield, OH. I was recently in that area and so want to go back and explore.

The book starts with a death in the Shetler family. Emma is left with her grandmother. She tended to her sick mother and takes care of her grandmother. So much responsibility for her. Keeping up with the house, chores, etc is a challenge.

Neighbor and friend Adam was living the English life in Michigan. Emma's grandmother wrote Adam a letter stating she was worried about his mother. Adam heads for home to find out what is going on. He is not welcomed back with open arms from his father. Since Adam was shunned, some people are not wanting to be around him.

Emma's sister Clara and husband Peter are down on their luck. Peter has been out of a job for awhile and hasn't been able to find anything. Clara is upset that he hasn't found work yet. She takes it upon herself to come up with a business plan.

In the meantime, Peter's cousin Mark comes for an upexpected visit. He stays with them but has another motive. Clara has her eye on Mark from the start. Things with her and Peter have been rather tense. Clara and Mark come up with a plan to have Mark get intersted in Emma. They also start Clara's business plan.

Adam and Emma have been close and when Adam up and left, Emma was heartbroken. Adam sees how Emma's place is rundown and needing a lot of work. He tends to her horse Dill. Will Adam and Emma mend their relationship? Will Mark get in the way?

A good book to start this series off. I will be anxious to read the next books in this series.