Monday, January 31, 2011

"An Amish Love"

"An Amish Love"

Beth Wiseman
Kathleen Fuller
Kelly Long

Wow, three Amish books in one. A real treat for me! A super, fast, easy read I must say.

A Marriage of The Heart
by Kelly Long

Having never read a book by Kelly Long before, I didn't really know what to expect. She starts the story rather quickly.

Abigail Kauffman ropes Joseph Lambert into a quick marriage. It didn't work out to her advantage however. They certainly don't start out like any other married couple.

The couple has to learn to get to know one another. Work together and play together. She is worried about her cooking. Joseph is good to teach her a thing or two.

She finds something out about Joseph's past. Will she help him through it? Will Joseph get through it?

When Joseph has an accident, he has a chance to use something of his past to get him through the pain. Will he revert back to this aid from the past or tough it out? Will Abigail be a good wife and see him through? Will they ever be truly joined as one through marriage?

Read to find out all of this and more. Glad I have now read a Kelly Long story!

What the Heart Sees
by Kathleen Fuller

For some reason, I couldn't get enough of this story. I read it in one day.

Ellie Chupp is blind. That does not stop her from being an ordinary women though. Ellie has her own business of making jelly. Ellie's Jellies. Her mom is over protective of her. Her dad lets her get away with more things.

Christopher Miller is leaving the English world and going back to Paradise. He was shunned and doesn't know if he will fit back into the Amish. Once home, he finds out his sister's news. He is not happy at all.

Christopher and Ellie bump into one another at the Pantry restaurant. Ellie finds out that her friend's brother is back in town.

Why was Chris shunned? How did Ellie go blind?

Ellie has flash backs from the past. She later comes forth with some news that Chris will not want to hear. Will it affect their relationship? Will Chris be accepted back in the Amish community?

Healing Hearts
by Beth Wiseman

I have read a lot of Amish books before. Never have I read one that is centered around an older Amish couple.

Levina Lapp has carried on with her life for one year on her own. Her husband, Naaman, left her for that long.

Could it be that all of their children were raised and out of the house? Could it be that they didn't know each other anymore?

When Naaman returns home, Levina and their children have a hard time getting to know him again. They don't know if they can trust him or not.

Will the Lapps have further difficulty or will they be able to reconcile?

Their son is having a hard time with something and certainly has no use for his father. Will Adam forgive and forget what his father did? Or will Adam be just like his dad?

An Amish Love will certainly be kept in my book collection for a long time!