Monday, July 30, 2012

"Need You Now:  Part 1"


Beth Wiseman

This is no Amish book for Beth Wiseman.  This is a story about a common family with struggles in life.

The way the book started, I thought that Darlene, the main character, was going to be attacked by a burglar.  Not the case.  Neighbor, Layla comes to the rescue and later becomes a friend.

Darlene and her family moved out of big city Houston to a rural area, actually living in her grandparents farm house.  This move was what her kids needed Darlene felt.

Chad, Ansley and Grace must adjust to their new life in the country.  Darlene feels the need to take a job working with a special needs child at a nearby school.  All of the kids and husband Brad will have to pitch in to make it work for her. 

Darlene is to work one on one with a girl named Cara.  Cara certainly has issues that she needs help with.  Cara's father meets Darlene and questions if Darlene is qualified to take care of Cara.  Darlene seems to have a touch and gets through to Cara.  Cara and her dad even come to Darlene's house to see chickens. 

Grace meets fellow student Skylar.  Skylar picks up on a problem that Grace has right away. 

Neighbor friend, Layla is actually someone famous and Darlene didn't even catch on to that when they met.  Layla invites Darlene to a high class fundraiser for the school Darlene works at.  Cara's father, Dave is there also.  Turns out Layla and Dave know each other. 

Darlene learns that Layla has a sad past and blames God for what happened. 

Grace learns of something a boyfriend from Houston has done.  Grace deals with this in her own way.

Here ends part 1 of "Need You Now."

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