Monday, January 28, 2013

Amish Kitchen
Beth Wiseman,
Kelly Long
& Amy Clipston

I was excited to read this book through Booksneeze.  It is three books by the above authors.  Really a great book that connects each story together somehow. 
"A Taste of Faith"
Kelly Long
Fern Zook lives with her grandmother who uses herbs and natural elements to heal people.  Fern is learning this trade from her. 
Abram Fisher is tending to his younger siblings while his parents are away.  They tend to get in quite the predicaments and call upon Fern more than once for help.  Fern is certainly not Abram's type and besides, he is married to the land as a farmer. 
Grandma thinks that Abram would be a good catch for Fern.  Fern is not the slender type that she thinks Abram would fall for. 
"A Spoonful of Love"
Amy Clipston
Hannah King works the bed and breakfast that her family owns.  Her father is ill and her brother has his own family to deal with.  She does most of the work as her mom tends to her dad. 
Stephen Esh and his past arrives at Hannah's door.  He is running from something and wants a fresh start. 
As things start to fall apart at the inn, Stephen lends a hand and helps do some repairs.  Hannah's mom doesn't like the idea of single Stephen staying with Hannah at the inn.  What would the Bishop and local people think? 
Will Stephen's past interfere with his current position at the inn?  Will Hannah despise him? 
"A Recipe for Hope"
Beth Wiseman
I found this book rather different from other Amish books I have read.  Most focus on romance.  This does have some of that in it, but it was not the main part of the story.
Eve Bender and her family move in with her parents.  A storm caused some damage to their house.  Eve is not exactly happy to come home after being gone for so long.  Her mom has not shown Eve real love.  Mamm is getting very forgetful and out of sorts. 
Eve's twins are very hard to tell apart!    Like typical twins, they turn the tables and do the switch.  Will they find out who is who?
The common tie between these books is that all of them go to prayer gatherings at Our Daily Bread. 
Besides common food recipes you usually see in Amish books, this book has natural healing recipes which I thought was neat.

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