Sunday, November 20, 2011

An Amish Wedding

"An Amish Wedding"

Three Amish Novellas

I was able to read and review this book though Thomas Nelson and Booksneeze.

Kelly Long, Kathleen Fuller and Beth Wiseman sure have what it takes to blend characters together for this great read!

"A Perfect Secret" by Kelly Long introduces us to Rose and Luke. Engaged to be married and Rose is not yet sure she knows all there is to Luke Lantz. Things have turned up missing in their Amish community. Rose sets a trap hoping to find out who the Robin Hood is. Rose has to learn to trust Luke and his mysterious mission. Will Rose know that Luke is her true love?

"A Perfect Match" by Kathleen Fuller has Naomi who brought her sister Priscilla and Chester together. She seems perfectly content with her life until Chester's cousin Zeke comes to save the day. Naomi puts her match making skills to work and sets him up with a fellow worker in her bakery. Will that romance work out or are there better days ahead for Naomi?

"A Perfect Plan" by Beth Wiseman brings all of the above characters together for the planning and wedding of Priscilla and Chester. Priscilla likes to be organized and have everything planned out. Things don't always go as planned though. Only God knows what will happen. Is the wedding what God has planned for them?