Monday, April 4, 2011

Toilet Paper Mini Album

It was a challenge for me to make this toilet paper mini album for a paper art group I belong to. I had never done one before. It took me awhile to complete it. I was so scared to do the binding. Actually figured out how to bind it with my Bind-It-All machine. Now I want to do more of these albums. LOL!

Lilly's Wedding Quilt

"Lilly's Wedding Quilt"

By Kelly Long

This has been my second book I have read by Kelly Long. Like the other book I read, both start out with weddings of not so willing people.

Jacob Wyse starts the book out by being in a heap of trouble. Lilly Lapp just so happens to come along and rescue Jacob in more than one way. Lilly has liked Jacob for quite awhile now. They end up in quite a bind and the outcome is that Jacob and Lilly are going to be married. This so happens at the love of Jacob's life, Sarah's wedding reception.

Lilly's mom isn't to pleased to hear the news of her daughters upcoming wedding. Lilly's mom sure has been depressed since Lilly's dad died. She just hasn't been herself. She sleeps alot and doesn't keep up with chores around the house etc. It is pretty hard to believe that Amish people suffer from depression but it does happen. I can so relate to a family member being depressed. It is not fun at all!

Lilly is the Amish children school teacher. She loves her job! Between teaching and helping care for her mom and the house, she keeps busy.

Lilly and Jacob both have a fear of something. Lilly teaches Jacob to overcome her fear and Jacob works with Lilly on his.

Lilly sure wants her husband to love her with his whole heart. She hopes that he can get over Sarah once and for all.

Will Jacob and Lilly really come together as man and wife should? Lilly's hurried wedding ended up to not having a traditional wedding quilt to start her marriage. Will their love ever be binded together?

This was a very good read that I finished in no time!